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What is Voice over IP?

VoIP is an abbreviation for “Voice over Internet Protocol,” which means it is a technique for transmitting voice using the internet. Instead of using traditional telephone lines, VoIP utilizes internet connection to enable people to make phone calls.

Why Voice over IP?

Why should I subscribe to VoIP when I can find cheaper mobile subscriptions on the market with unlimited calls?
Our answer is as simple as it gets: For the additional services, with great added value for your business.

Our goal is not to compete with major operators, and we do not suggest that our clients give up their mobile phones. A traditional mobile phone subscription may have unlimited calls, but it does not offer all the features your company needs.

A list of the main advantages offered by the VoIP service would be:

  • Single call number with the ability to handle multiple calls simultaneously.
  • Customized waiting queues and call redirection based on the caller.
  • If designed correctly, the waiting queue will never sound busy. Even if you have only one person answering the phone, the queue can hold as many calls as you want.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
It is a phone robot that can redirect the caller based on the pressed key to a specific department or other.

Call Recording
You can record all incoming or outgoing phone calls based on the phone system configuration for later evaluation of call quality and service improvement.

Conference Call
Organizing conference calls, including users working remotely.

Users working from home can register their own landline number on the computer they work remotely from, making them available on the office’s internal number.

The virtual switchboard can integrate with a CRM, facilitating access to information and the history of the person calling.

Additional modules can be developed based on client requirements.

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