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Ensure the maximum potential for your business through our website and mobile application development services.

Online promotion services, web application development, presentation website creation, custom website development, online store creation, mobile application development, and web hosting in our datacenter. In the digital era we live in, mobile and web applications are becoming increasingly important in our daily lives. We enhance the efficiency, productivity, and online visibility of your company through professional services.

Mobile app development

Mobile applications have revolutionized the way we interact with technology in our daily lives. These are powerful and user-friendly tools that allow us to access a diverse range of services and functionalities directly from our mobile devices. A well-developed mobile application can bring numerous benefits in your relationship with customers: direct connection with customers, gaining a competitive advantage, increasing visibility, and many more.

These services include: designing and developing the application, integrating the new product into your business infrastructure from its creation to launch, and delivering optimizations and scalings.

We offer the development of scalable mobile applications and comprehensive cross-platform development services with native functionalities on iOS and Android. An example of an application you can test is the Stiri Romania mobile app.

We ensure that you will be consistently informed about the development stages by collaborating regularly with the development/implementation team within the company.

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Website creation

Complete solutions for creating a presentation website in Constanta, an online store, promotional campaigns, and much more that stand out for their attractive appearance, excellent functionality on any device, and a good browsing experience. We adapt to the needs and goals of each client through the latest technologies and trends.

Are you looking for the creation of a professional website?

If you appreciate quality and want only the best, we are certainly not the most expensive option for website creation in Constanta. Our team is committed to providing superior-quality web development, crafted with care and built to last.

Optionally, you can benefit from an administrative interface, monthly maintenance for security updates, content changes, and weekly backups.


Website creation

Website creation

Do you have a business and want to stand out online with a professional website? Investing in the website creation service can give you a distinct advantage over the competition, where many businesses may have similar features; a well-crafted website becomes your differentiation tool. This online presence not only connects you with potential local customers but also opens doors to a national or international audience.

We offer top solutions for website creation

  • Advanced Optimization – creating a responsive website for any device, with optimized loading speed for a smooth experience.
  • Direct Interaction – integrating a WhatsApp button or live chat to facilitate discussions with potential clients directly on the site.
  • Efficient Localization – interactive display of maps with your locations, helping customers easily find you.
  • Google Visibility – enjoy free on-site SEO optimization for good results in searches.

Our Complete Package Includes:

  • Domain Registration – we ensure the registration of personalized domains for your business.
  • Premium Hosting – benefit from SSD web hosting in our own data center.
  • Content Updates – we take care of updating the website content and its maintenance.

Available Services

  • Presentation Website Creation Services
  • Corporate Website Development
  • Website Design Services
  • Custom Website Development

You can easily and quickly contact us to get a time estimate or for more information about website creation.

Creating an online store E-commerce platforms

Creating an online store E-commerce platforms

In a world where online shopping is becoming increasingly popular, there is an opportunity to expand your business from offline to online. An online store offers advanced functionalities, such as the creation of secure payment systems, the easiest inventory management, product promotions, and attractive presentation of offers.

SEO Optimization and Marketing

SEO Optimization and Marketing

This is the process of enhancing the visibility of a website in search engine results such as Google, Bing, etc. We help you climb to the top positions in search engines for relevant searches to your business. We optimize the conversion potential of your content, make changes and improvements to the website’s appearance, and structure your pages correctly for easy use.

The duration of SEO optimization for a website can vary significantly, ranging from a few weeks to several months, depending on various factors. It’s important to understand that SEO optimization is not a process with immediate results; rather, it’s a constant effort to improve the quality of content and site structure in search engines.

Web design consulting

Web design consulting

We offer consultancy if you believe that your website is not generating as much traffic as it should or is not appearing in search engines. With our experience, we explain why you need a new website, go through all the steps of a detailed analysis. You receive details on every issue encountered on the old website and how you can improve these weak points. We provide insights for you to understand the specific audience and how you can optimize visits into conversions.

If you want to enhance the performance of your website, you should consider creating a new site or optimizing the existing one. A modern and appealing design can make a significant difference in user experience, making your site easier to navigate and attracting more visitors. Learn more about the importance of web design.

Website Maintenance and Administration

Website Maintenance and Administration

Our team ensures the proper functioning and security of the website by performing regular updates and monitoring security threats. Additionally, you benefit from data backups and the updating of pages with new content upon request.

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